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“No Pain in the Game” Golf Tips

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With the sunny weather vastly approaching, many are itching to hit the greens and get to the first tee! As eager as you may be to start golfing season, you likely don’t enjoy the pains and strains that come with it. Swing force, awkward postures and warm-up neglect can lead to unnecessary injuries and pains.

Fortunately, a lot of these injuries are preventable and we’ve rounded up the best practices so you can play your game without the pain!

Proper Swing: Getting the right swing technique down isn’t just about boosting your game; it’s also about saving you from unnecessary pain. If you’re new to golf or tend to experience frequent strain post-games, sign up with a professional instructor for a refresher on safe and basic swing techniques.

Make Sure it fits: Ill-fitting clubs can not only interfere with athletic performance, but can also cause pain. Before that first swing, consult with a professional to confirm that your clubs are the right height. You also want to ensure that the material of the clubs is appropriate to your arm strength and has the right grip. Another thing you want to ensure fits well is your golf shoe. Select a quality golf shoe with adequate support and proper fit. This is key to preventing stress on the knee, hip and lower back pain.

Pre and Post-Game Prep: Make sure you take the time to warm up before the game with a brisk walk and some light stretching. Post-game is just as important for preventing injuries, so follow up again with some stretches. Stretching out the hamstrings, quadriceps, forearms, knees, and shoulders can do wonders for your muscles pre and post-game!

Push your golf bag: Don’t carry your golf bag! Ease stress on your back and prevent back injuries by pushing or pulling your bag and rotating turns riding the cart. If you must carry clubs, go for a double strap carry bag that distributes the weight evenly.

Keep hydrated: Hydration is a must out on those greens, especially on those hot days. Dehydration yields fatigue which leaves you susceptible to injury. Water is the optimal refresher here. Consuming alcohol can cause stiffened muscles and pain as it depletes the body’s fluids.

Chiropractic: Routine chiropractic care can help you stay active and moving, so it is perfect for those who want to prevent pain from the game! Chiropractic is often used to improve muscle and joint conditioning which has a direct effect on athletic performance.

Adjustments work to improve biomechanical function and enhance overall conditioning, important in situations where there is continuous repetitive movement, such as golf.

Chiropractic care also helps athletes fine-tune their muscles and joints for high-level performance and may reduce long term wear and tear.  Finally, treatment can be used to prevent, and sometimes shorten, the healing time of injuries.

Chiropractors can also instruct you on certain exercises to improve your strength and optimize your range of motion. In fact, many high-performance athletes, golfers included, turn to regular chiropractic care to maintain their performance.


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