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How Chiropractic helps Chronic Headaches and Migraines

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“I brought my 10-year old son who suffers from migraines to see Dr. Lardi. He was having 1-2 migraines monthly. In the last 7 months, under Dr. Lardi’s care, he has experienced only one and a handful of manageable headaches, a huge improvement.”

Tara P., Evolve Patient, on the great relief her son found for his chronic migraines with chiropractic care

Headaches are very common – but definitely should not be considered “normal”. The prevalence of headaches is staggering, affecting quality of life and resulting in decreased productivity at work and home. The cost spent annually for loss of productivity and treatment in estimated to be in the billions of dollars.

Our medical model tells us that Tylenol or Advil is the solution to those reoccurring persistent headaches. However, while one may experience temporary relief, the root cause is never truly addressed, so headaches will generally always return. Medications simply suppress your symptoms and often times will cause undesired side effects in the long run that can be harmful to the liver and kidney.

In order to eliminate headaches and migraine, the underlying cause MUST be addressed. In the majority of cases, headaches originate in the neck. Research shows that chiropractic care is a natural, safe, gentle, and very effective approach to managing and eliminating headaches and migraines.

How can chiropractic relieve my headaches?

Headaches occur when the blood vessels and/or nerves entering your skull are irritated. Several factors can contribute to headaches including stress, nutritional choices, sleeping habits etc. The structure of your neck can also play a significant role in the onset of headaches.

When the vertebrae in your neck become “locked” or misaligned, also referred to as a “subluxation”, it can irritate or put pressure on the nerves in that area and can also cause the surrounding muscles to tighten up. The end result is often a headache or migraine.

How the chiropractor will address your headaches

A chiropractic examination and health history will help to determine the root cause of your headaches. A through postural evaluation, and spinal examination will determine if you have subluxations, causing your headaches. Other lifestyle factors that may be contributing to your headaches will also be addressed.

If detected, specific gentle chiropractic adjustments are performed to correct these subluxations, in turn restoring proper function to your neck and relieving the pressure on the nerves and surrounding muscles, providing relief of headaches.

As part of a wellness lifestyle, it is important to be checked by your family chiropractor for the presence of vertebral subluxations, which may be causing stress on your nervous system, resulting in symptoms – including headaches and migraines. Be sure to get checked today!

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