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10 Reasons Children Receive Chiropractic Care

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These days, more parents are turning to chiropractic care for their children. Regardless of whether one’s spine is large or small, spinal misalignments will impair the communication channels of the nervous system, thus leaving the body imbalanced.

The Nervous System as the Master Controller
The nervous system is the master controller of all functions in the body and is protected by the spinal bones (vertebrae). When the spinal bones are in the proper position, they protect the nerve pathways. When the bones become misaligned, interference to the nerve impulses occurs, reducing the overall functioning of the nervous system and the particular organ it corresponds to.

Chiropractic care ensures that the nervous system has every chance to freely communicate and work. With optimal nervous system function, our body’s self-healing and regulation abilities are activated.

A Body out of Balance
Many childhood health conditions may be the result of spinal distortions leading to nerve irritations. These nerve irritations can manifest into colic, fussiness, breastfeeding troubles, behavioural issues, digestive problems, asthma, headaches, and much more.

These nerve irritations can be the result of everyday life stressors such as bad posture, knocks and falls, poor diet, dehydration, toxin exposure, or stress and anxiety.

Even before these lifestyle stressors come into play, research has pointed to the occurrence of nerve irritation in the uterus due to unnatural positioning, restricted womb movement and toxin exposure. Trauma from labour or birth complications can also lead to subluxations.

It is never too early for detection and babies can receive wellness check-ups soon after their birth. Once we understand how the nervous system is affected by spinal distortions, it becomes apparent why more parents are attending to their child’s spine and nervous system health through chiropractic.

The List
1) To foster good neural plasticity (brain and nerve development)
2) To promote optimal nerve communication throughout the entire body
3) To help strengthen their child’s immunity for fewer colds, ear-infections and other conditions
4) To reduce nerve interference which may be hindering their child’s ability to learn and focus
5) To allow their children to thrive by supporting strong digestive function
6) To help address breastfeeding issues and colic/fussiness
7) To diminish the damaging impact of modern world stressors on their child’s health
8) To encourage overall body balance helping to resolve issues such as asthma, allergies, poor posture and bed-wetting
9) To help children remain fun and care-free
10) To reach the ultimate state of health and wellness in children

Barham-Floreani, J Dr. (2014, July 2). 10 Reasons Parents Take Healthy Children to Chiropractors. Retrieved from: http://welladjustedbabies.com/why-parents-take-children-to-chiropractors/

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