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Chiropractic’s Role in Strengthening Your Immune System

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A properly functioning immune system is one of the keys to optimal health, building your resistance against infections, allergies, and chronic illnesses. Chiropractic care focuses on health from within.

“After only less than two weeks of seeing her, I felt normal again. I was no longer sick, and felt human again. I actually haven’t been sick at all since then, which is amazing because I had been getting sick every month to two months.”

                Jennie Davies on receiving chiropractic for digestive and other health-related problems.

Medications Can Weaken the Immune System!
While drugs provide fast results and save lives, they carry many adverse effects and are capable of damaging your long-term health:
• Frequent exposure to drugs (immune-toxins) can have a disastrous impact the on immune system
• Antibiotics are beneficial when used appropriately BUT are a problem when overprescribed
• An example of this are antibiotics that are unnecessarily prescribed for viral ear infections….which can ONLY affect a bacterial infection.


Don’t Suppress Your Body’s Natural Defenses:
• Symptoms represent the body’s best efforts to heal itself
• By treating symptoms, you are suppressing the body’s natural response and inhibiting the healing process
• Instead of treating symptoms, the body’s defenses should be stimulated to allow the healing process completion
• Many safe and proactive steps can be taken before resorting to drugs
• Our immune system emerges stronger and better equipped to confront similar threats in the future, after dealing with an infection successfully

WELLNESS CHIROPRACTIC aims to support the natural defense systems of the body. The key to a strong immune system is a healthy nervous system. Every function within the body is regulated through the nervous system – sleep, energy, digestion, healing and repair, strength, stamina, reproduction, immune system function, concentration, focus, cognition, and millions more.

Promote Your Body’s Natural Defenses by Ensuring a Healthy Nervous System:
The nervous system sends and receives nerve messages or impulses to all parts of the body. The nervous system is protected by the spinal bones (vertebrae) and when in the proper position, the vertebrae protect the nerve pathways. But when vertebrae become misaligned, interference to the nerve impulses occurs —reducing the overall functioning of the nervous system and the particular organ to which it is assigned – including the immune system.

Women wellness - sunset empowered

This is where chiropractic care comes in!

-> Chiropractic isn’t a “cure” or “treatment” for anything but rather prompts the body to self-heal
-> Because the nervous system controls everything any interference can have a negative impact on health
-> Chiropractors locate misaligned vertebrae that are pinching or irritating the nerve, thereby creating nervous system stress
-> Chiropractors then correct these “interferences” with safe, gentle and natural chiropractic adjustments
-> By eliminating interferences (misalignments), the immune system can respond appropriately and the need for medical intervention may be eliminated
-> Releasing this stress from the nervous system helps to restore proper spine function that promotes a healthy  nervous system, prompting your body to self-heal
-> When healthy and thriving, our bodies have amazing self-healing capabilities with infections
-> A study by leading cancer and genetic research specialist (Dr. Ron Pero), found that chiropractic patients of all ages had a 200% greater “immune competence” than people who had never received Chiropractic care and a 400% greater immune competence than people with serious diseases

By removing spinal misalignments and restoring nerve system integrity, chiropractic care optimizes whatever genetic abilities an individual has to resist disease and supports you in reaching your full genetic potential.
Therefore, spinal and nervous system checkups are imperative in strengthening the immune system and protecting against illness.

By: Dr. Laura Lardi

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