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4 Power Boosters to Rev up your Winter Health, Naturally

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The chaotic holiday season has come to an end and your body is likely worn-down in this post-stress time. Before you settle into a slower pace, post-holidays, it is important to properly gear your body up for the rest of those winter months.

As research informs us, a balanced nervous system, consistent exercise, adequate nutrition, sound sleep, and an optimistic mindset will set our bodies up for optimal functioning and health.

This couldn’t be more crucial in the wintertime, when ideal breeding grounds for viruses, germs, bugs, and everything icky are everywhere in our midst. If we are strong and vital due to healthy lifestyle choices, then those germs we collide with daily will not be able to affect us. However, if our bodies are under stress and out of balance, then we are that much more vulnerable for these germs to latch on and attack us.

To maintain our vitality and resilience during the winter months, we need to call our attention to three major natural power boosters.


First on the on the list is garlic, the holy grail of the winter power booster list! Also appropriately referred to as the “vegetable antibiotic” at times, garlic packs a slew of multi-health powers. Below, we’ll list just a few of the super benefits garlic delivers to our systems.

  • Wards off bugs from the body and protects us from bugs when consumed regularly
  • Is a powerful cleanser for the body
  • Loosens your bowels and gets rid of all the “gunk”
  • Helps specifically with a lot the “itis” conditions like bronchitis, tonsillitis, vaginitis, sinusitis
  • Clears out the mucous from the respiratory system
  • Is a great source of antioxidants
  • Contains anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal properties
  • Aids in high blood pressure, high cholesterol, coronary heart disease, and artery hardening

Tips on getting it in our system:

  • Utilize garlic regularly in your cooking
  • Mince garlic in a little bit in advance before you add it to meals — this gives the alliinase enzymes some time to activate
  • The most effective way to reap garlic’s health benefits is to consume it raw or close to raw: a temperature above 140F eradicates garlic’s powerful sulphur compound, allicin
  • It is best to add it at the end of cooking, once the meal has been removed from the heat source

Vitamin C

Vitamin C comes in second on our winter power booster list because it acts as the glue that unifies the body’s cells to on another. Aside from that major point, vitamin C offers much more health benefits:

  • Assists with the proper absorption of iron
  • Fuels our bodies by carrying oxygen round the body
  • Binds the body’s cells properly when absorbed in adequate quantities
  • Aids in wound healing and broken bones
  • Helps to protect cells and maintain their health
  • Is one of several antioxidants that helps to protect against free radicals and toxic chemical/pollutant damage (such as cigarette smoke)
  • Promotes healthy capillaries, gums, and teeth
  • Active in collagen formation, maintaining healthy connective tissue

Blog pic - vitamin c orange upclose

Ways to take it:

  • Regular consumption of green vegetables
  • Green and red peppers are the best vegetable sources for vitamin c intake
  • Other vegetables containing lots of vitamin C are brussel sprouts and parsley
  • Sweet potatoes are also a good source of vitamin C, especially potato skins
  • Any of the berry fruits, especially strawberries which contain a fair amount of vitamin C
  • Kiwi, orange, grapefruit, cantaloupe , tomatoes
  • Leafy greens, kale, broccoli, sprouts


Iron cannot escape our winter power boosters list because firstly, this nutrient is imperative for the overall growth and development of the human body. If your body is depleted of iron, then you will not only encounter dragging fatigue, but also a weakened immune system and a number of ailments.

  • Ideal iron levels strengthen the immune’s response
  • Helps with formation of hemoglobin, the main oxygen carrier throughout the body
  • Vital to muscle health, as it is found in myoglobin which carries oxygen from hemoglobin and transfers it throughout muscle cells, helping with healthy muscle contractions
  • Helps supply oxygen to blood making it very important to our brain health
  • Eliminates different causes of fatigue
  • Helps us maintain healthy cells, skin, hair and nails
  • Regulates the body temperature

Ways to get it in your system:

  • Increasing your consumption of green, leafy vegetables (spinach, kelp, parsley)
  • Adding in parsley (fresh or cooked) to your cooking
  • Sprinkling wheat germ over your breakfast, fruits, or yogurt
  • Eating more bananas as a snack
  • Munching on pumpkin seeds
  • Molasses

*Note: The darker the fruit, vegetable, or grain, the more iron it contains

Chiropractic and Immunity

Finally, the winter power booster that cannot be forgotten is chiropractic adjustments. Emphasizing the nervous system’s interaction with the whole body, chiropractic adjustments not only strengthen the immune system, but they promote overall balance and vitality within. Some of the winter-boosting benefits include:

  • Promotes our body’s ability to naturally fight infections by freeing up the nerve “communication channels”
  • Achieving optimal spine and nervous system function will restore the body’s overall balance
  • A balanced nervous system will help with boosting energy, promoting better concentration, enhancing sleep, and improving mood and ability to cope with stress.


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